21st century politics

The opportunities that the pandemic and climate change can offer

The choice between a monocultural society and a multicultural society is the choice between a civilized country and a shithole country

While I want to steer clear of doom and gloom, I think it would be useful, as a thought experiment, to consider what will happen if the pandemic never ends and the effects of climate change become more and more serious. The hospitals can no longer handle it, healthcare staff get sick or get stressed, the successive lockdowns are killing the middle class and the education for an entire generation is of less quality. Natural disasters follow one another, areas become virtually unlivable, the damage entails enormous costs and population movements are getting underway. This is just a first inventory of what's to come.

All these events and developments do not necessarily make us pessimistic. They could give rise to global solidarity. What is needed here is a statesman who gives courage and inspires the people to face the challenges of this century decisively. Here too, an ethic is needed that people adhere to. I will briefly elaborate on what ethics means for this new era..

If all the money now spent on armaments and space travel were to go towards food supplies so that no one in the world would go hungry, to healthcare so that all people everywhere could receive the necessary treatment and care and to education so that all children, girls and boys, can develop their talents in all countries, then no one has to emigrate unless the residential area becomes truly and permanently uninhabitable.

A second ethical precept is to live frugally, avoid anything that increases pollution, buy only the necessary products and not buy products or engage in activities that damage the environment or further deplete resources.

A third precept is to put family life and the broarder family back at the center again. That is where solidarity begins. Good parents love their children unconditionally and selflessly. This means that in the family true love is transferred to the children and that is exactly what the world needs in these times.

With these ethical regulations and thanks to a new lifestyle, viruses such as covid19 would have less chance of spreading and CO2 emissions would be drastically reduced.

However, there is also an important condition that will not be accepted by many. I see a connection between the current situation and the Tower of Babel. In Babel the nations came together under one government and this ended in chaos. This means that every nation or country must maintain its sovereignty. A sovereign country unites people and will therefore have the strength to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Moreover, that strength is a precondition for solidarity with other peoples and countries. This insight means that Europe must become a Confederation of countries that work well together, but each can decide on its own policy. This also means that if we want to avoid the chaos of Babel, we have to end the multicultural society and that everyone returns to the land of the ancestors to take up their responsibilities there. We are faced with a choice: do we become a shithole country or do we become a civilized country. The pandemic and climate change are like an intervention by God to end the chaos of Babylon.

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Europe is going to hell because of mass immigration and covid-19

The Catholic Church was a criminal organization for centuries. Pope Urban V's 1363 bull 'In Coena Domini' gave a license for persecution, large-scale theft, extortion, torture and murder. Pope Alexander VI, who committed incest with his bastard daughter, killed all his rivals by poisoning. In Avignon, a count was falsely accused of heresy and sentenced to death so that his property fell to the church. His widow and children received nothing and became beggars.

These excesses did not apply to the millions of priests, monks, and nuns who practiced the Christian teachings of charity, self-sacrifice, and detachment.

With this example from history, I want to show that in the name of the most lofty principles and ideals, a small group of rogues and powerful can wield terror against all the peoples of a continent. The Italian mafia spreading its tentacles across the western hemisphere may have taken the Church of Rome as an example. The most beautiful religion and the most idealistic ideology can degenerate into a tyranny and can inspire people with evil intentions.

The dark times where the Catholic Church held Europe in its grip were broken by courageous Enlightenment thinkers who gradually made possible the separation of Church and State and democracy. Now we are back to dark times. These times are upon us as evidenced by two developments. Firstly, there is an uncontrollable mass immigration of illegal immigrants, of people who have no business here, who have no chance of asylum and also from potential terrorists. Second, there is an apparently uncontrollable pandemic and experts are almost certain that new pandemics will follow in this century.

My position is that the European Union does not enable us to ensure our security. Every democracy collapses when the security of its citizens is at stake. There is no answer to mass immigration in Brussels. This also causes dramas such as the drowning of dozens of asylum seekers in the Channel near Calais. The European countries say there is no solution. The European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights prevent any attempt to end the immigration of people who break our laws by their arrival. In the name of lofty ideals, mismanagement is being conducted here.

However, the solution to mass immigration is obvious. An agreement is made with a country in the Middle East to build a large reception center there where all immigrants will be taken directly. If an agreement is not possible, we must occupy an area there militarily. This would be a very humane solution, because then illegal immigration will stop immediately, there will be no more dramas, people will not be given false hope and we will be freed from a lot of hassle and useless spending of money.  

There is also a solution for the corona pandemic, which, however, is prevented by the loss of our sovereignty. An example of good policy is Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States. As of Nov. 15, the positivity rate in Puerto Rico was 5 to 7.9 percent, just above what the WHO considers the measure of the virus being under control. Strict rules were introduced at an early stage. Those who broke the rules could choose between a $5,000 fine or six months in prison. The rules were not eased when the US lockdown was lifted. Foreigners did not enter, not even with a vaccination certificate. An advantage was of course that Puerto Rico was an island.

If every European country had not lost its sovereignty, then a policy like the one in Puerto Rico would have been possible. Now the responsibility was passed on to the EU, but there was no response. In these times, indecision and a bureaucracy where responsibility can always be passed on is a disaster.

Europe lacks courageous politicians who could bring a new Enlightenment. At the time, Bolkestein in the Netherlands gave the first impetus when he questioned immigration policy. After that there was silence and anyone who nevertheless pointed out the danger lost their chance of a significant political role.

Now that the United Kingdom has left the European Union (and may be looking forward to a bright future after a few years of struggle), Germany could play a significant role. Unfortunately, there is now a virtually left-wing government in Germany that will definitely fail to do its job of saving Europe. Suppose Germany were to build a mighty army, not to conduct a blitzkrieg as far as Madrid, but to protect our borders first. Secondly, that army could temporarily occupy an area in the Middle East and thirdly, this army could depose the tyrants in the Middle East so that the millions of peace-loving, just and talented Muslims can live in a country where peace, well-being and prosperity reigns. Churchill and De Gaulle would applaud this role of Germany. Now people in Brussels pee their pants just at the thought.

Survive in apocalyptic times

All congresses, conferences, international agreements and treaties, and all other well-intentioned or cynical efforts to save the world from a man-made apocalypse have proved fruitless. The only thing that helps is a return to the simple life, in the family, attached to and caring for one's own self-sufficient region, so that industrial production and other forms of damage to nature are resolutely reduced to the minimum necessary. Nature flourishes, biodiversity returns, what was threatened is restored.


 In order to escape the disaster, communities are established here and there to make the good life possible together. Initially, families settle in abandoned abbeys or they enter into a cooperative with monastic communities. As in the distant past, each abbey is self-sufficient with its own farm, horticultural land and forests. Everyone contributes to ecological agriculture. A school is established in each abbey and some members of the community provide the education.

The community also has contacts with the outside world, this is the immediate region of the abbey. Community members receive short professional training to help them perform odd jobs and repairs in the region. Other members are committed to counseling families seeking advice or assistance, providing additional tutoring for children, and providing psychosocial services in general so that the entire region around this community can benefit.

The community gives the example of a life form to make the good life possible in apocalyptic times. This is a frugal lifestyle, averse to materialism and emphasis on spirituality. This means that study of the Bible, texts on ethics and philosophy, group discussion and solidarity actions are given a prominent place in daily life. Members who bear witness to much wisdom through study or life experience play an important role in the good atmosphere in the community.

The Christian community members meet every day or even several times a day in the church to pray, sing and make music together. The other members hold regular seminars on ethics and philosophy. All members can attend each other's meetings. The necessary attention is paid to art and culture so that the meetings are attractive and inspire those present.

This does not prevent some members of the community from having a higher status, or making more profit and earning more. Talent and effort are rewarded. The point is that power, authority and wealth make it possible to do even better for others. Power and authority are derived from everyone's commitment and contribution to the community.


I try to answer four questions in the following texts: 

(1) how to keep peace in the 21st century, despite all the challenges? 

(2) how to achieve peace, well-being and prosperity in Africa and in the Islamic countries?

(3) How to end the destruction of the planet and the extreme poverty of billions of people?

(4) What role can European civilization play for a more humane world and how can it remain strong? (see also my book: The best century ever and my papers on )

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